Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pine Circle

One of the highlights of Hidcote at this time of year is the Pine Circle. This area of the garden contains the Pine Circle itself, the Lily Pond and also my old favourite the Plant House! Above you can see the border adjacent to the pond, with the bold orange of Cosmos sulphureus ‘Sunset’ and the violet mounds of Sea Lavender, Limonium latifolium. V. bon gets its neck in there naturally, and a strong contrast is provided by Nicotiana ‘Lime Green’. The comma butterfly image posted recently, see here, was taken at this very spot.

Inula hookeri

Verbena rigida

Nigella hispanica, honeybees are very fond of this

Eucomis bicolour

The wider view! (click to enlarge)

The pond harbours all sorts; dragonfly, toads, rare newts and the occasional heron


Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

Splendid post!!

I have a soft spot for purples and yellows together, but it is that orange Cosmos that really sets it off! (Reminds me of how CL used siberian wallflowers in his spring display.)

And I love the wide view!

Hmmm... That Verbena looks very like the one I have just posted... I need to talk to the nursery man whom I got it from for an identity confirmation.

Thanks for the great photos again! And for all of your kind comments at WMG. With Hidcote at your door, I am honored that you think my little town garden worth looking at.


Helen O'Donnell said...

This garden is transformed since spring. It is hardly recognizable, I love it. Great photos too. So nice to learn new species of Inula, Nigella, and Verbena- and that Eucomis is a show stopper!

Janet said...

The orange of the cosmos is stunning next to the lavender. Much more interesting colour combination than the various shades of pink cosmos (that we grow).
Can I say how much I dislike inulas? P bought one and it's still sitting in the pot. I'm going to give it away.
The eucomis are so beautiful. I presume you have them in the border. I had three pots of them for about 8 years. I always put them in a sheltered spot over winter. I lost the lot last year! Very sad.

Prue said...

Nice Eucomis! I don't have that one but there are four or five underneath my livingroom window.

The Pine Circle has been gorgeous this year: soft purples, orange and lemon yellow are stunning.

Nice photos as usual, Bertie!

Gardener in the Distance said...

Beautiful photos, as ever, Bertie. These are such harmonious groupings.

Bertie Bainbridge said...

Julie perhaps ‘Homestead Purple’ is a V. rigida cultivar?

Janet I can see what you mean but those sunny blooms are like landing pads for bumblebees! They love them! There should always be room in a garden for pink cosmos, we haven’t grown them this year for reasons that remain unclear but a nonchalant self-seeder has popped up from last year’s display and is almost stealing the show. The blooms are so huge and cheerful!

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