Thursday, 21 June 2012

Giverny environ

The area surrounding Monet’s garden is incredibly beautiful and also rich in history, it being closely linked with those ruddy Normans who invaded dear old England! The River Seine banks one side of the village and dramatic chalk hills the other, providing some delightful scenery to poke about in and an abundance of flora and fauna thriving on the unimproved chalk grasslands. On a particularly pleasant evening I wandered up into these hills, and was frankly amazed by what I found!

Anacamptis pyramidalis, the Pyramidal Orchid

A Small Heath butterfly, perched precariously on a dried flower stem

I suspect some blasted bird has tried to have a nibble on this poor chap! A rather battered Dingy Skipper

A Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary!

From the beautiful, to the bizarre. This is the Lady Orchid, Orchis purpurea

A pleasing natural combination of Buttercup and Greater Stitchwort, which I dare say Monet would approve of!

A clump of Greater Stitchwort, Stellaria holostea

More of the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, what a glorious butterfly!


Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

What a place! So many pretties just lying about. I am already looking up stitchwort which is new to me. The butterflies are beginning to be out and about here as well. ~Julie

The Green Lady said...

I feel like the Dingy Skipper today after a few weeks of unpleasant incidents. And now I'm stuck doing computer work on a sunny day but looking forward to escaping to the allotment in a couple of hours. Lovely to visit Monet's garden again on here.

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