Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bugs life

An assortment of friends and foes spotted in the garden recently.

Shield beetle

Black ground beetle (eats slugs - hurrah!)

Dock-leaf beetle larvae

Not sure what this is, hoverfly type chap

Polygonatum fans look away now! Solomon’s Seal sawfly.

Lily beetle (They look quite pleasant, but will happily munch through your Lily and Fritillary leaves in no time. The young larvae do something to protect themselves, which is so disgraceful I refuse to type it here!)


Pauline said...

So glad you didn't tell us what the Red lily beetle larvae do, seeing it on one of my Lilies was bad enough!! I always put a tissue under the red beetle to catch it, then fold it up and have a good stamp!! No more Lily beetle, they do so much damage I try to catch them all before they lay any eggs.

DD said...

Brilliant photos Bertie. Well done. Happy bug hunting!

Janet said...

The lily beetle is a vibrant colour. You couldn't really miss it could you.A friend of mine who lives in Bergen had lily Beetle. Bergen is a great deal further north then Montrose and we don't have them (yet).

Anonymous said...

That blasted lily beetle is quite new here in the U.S> but I wrote about him a couple years ago when they appeared on my red martagon lilies. They are dirty, dirty beetles and I am like a vigilante after them in the Spring!

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