Monday, 17 October 2011

Insect activity

I fear this may be the last such insect report of the year, which disheartens me greatly. The bees are preparing for winter, the ladybirds are hiding all over the bally place, and the sight of the butterflies is becoming a rare treat! The end is nigh.

The Commas have had a good year!

No sooner than I’d taken a few bites from this here windfall pear, a hornet landed wanting in on the action too! What a hornet wants, a hornet gets. They’re wonderfully terrifying beasts, and heroes hide in ditches when they fly by!

Butterflies like fruit too! Here’s a Red Admiral in the Orchard at Reaseheath College

Finally, this is the first Painted Lady I have seen in action this year! These migrants fly here like the Hummingbird hawk-moths from warm places such as North Africa

The Red Admirals have been abundant this year, on this day there were seven feeding! Note the glass panel in the background, as the front has been put back on the Plant House

Large Yellow Underwing moth

Lesser Marsh grasshopper

No open flower? No problem!

1 comment:

Janet said...

It looks like the last hurrah. We saw our last butterflies a few days ago but it's about to turn colder...

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