Saturday, 15 October 2011

Stream Garden

The Stream Garden curves down through the centre of Hidcote, and provides a pleasing diversion from the straight lines of the Central Axis and Long Walk. The plantings are lush with some interesting specimens about, which are currently being added to by the Gordon the supervisor here. I’m sad to report that the stream is currently bone dry, and looks rather more like a pathway! We desperately need rain.

Lobelia cardinalis at the base of the Fern Dell, providing a shock of red amongst the more conventional damp garden plantings (silver heron part of the Sculpture Trail)

Unfortunately the blue triffid claws are not some fantastic rare species, but a part of the temporary Sculpture Trail

Itea ilicifolia grows next to the stone wall seen in the above image, and gives off a particularly pleasing smell in the evenings

Mrs. Winthrops’ Garden ends at the Upper Stream Garden, here with Kniphofia citrina in bloom


Janet said...

The planting in a mature garden like Hidcote is wonderful at any time of year. it doesn't matter if there isn't a lot of colour in the form pf blooms. Although that lobelia is a stoater (as we say in these parts)

Prue said...

That knifofia is wonderful! And the light makes it even better.

I agree Janet - a mature garden has a structure which even winter cannot take away.

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