Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pashley Manor

Just around the corner from Merriments is Pashley Manor, a private garden plonked on the border of East Sussex and Kent. It is a wonderful garden and seems to have quite ‘good bones’, as they so often say about Hidcote, but I would like to visit again earlier in the year when the planting is closer to its peak!

The house is clad in a great myriad of greenery. Quite stunning!

The rose garden was looking somewhat tired but the structure is beautifully laid out

Osteospermum ‘Whirligig'
When I wandered through this gate…

I certainly did not expect to find this! Enticing to say the least but it was unfortunately too cold to take a dip. The triangle structure to the left is their plant house

Inside a Cobaea scandens has reached fruiting stage, and presumably seed will be harvested when the pod ripens here in the warmth

A delightful Passion Flower scrambling away

One of these wider shots of the bearded manor


Janet said...

The structure of the rose garden is wonderful. Who needs roses when you have box cubes and a statue?

Bertie Bainbridge said...

Completely agree Janet, a perfectly proportioned space. It would be jolly exciting to see this same scene in January, covered in snow!

Helen O'Donnell said...

That photo of the cobea seed is truly remarkable! Nice work!

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