Monday, 18 July 2011

Insect activity

The wasps are very busy at the moment, stripping wood from fences for their nests and hunting small insects to feed to their larvae
Self-seeded poppies are held in high regard in the bumblebee community
Scarlet tiger moths (caterpillars thereof posted about previously) are now active and are certainly generating interest amongst staff and visitors! Beautiful things
A day-flying moth on Echium vulgare
Classic summer scene! Red Admiral on Buddleia 'Black Knight'
The fifth Peacock released so far!


Anonymous said...

That's a wopping great wasp Bertie. They are driving me mad at the moment, all I can hear in the garden is them scratching at the fence. I just want to know where they are building that nest! Great photos as always!

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Bertie, Your photographs are wonderful! YOur butterflies are brilliant, and I love the scarlet tiger moth. Our summer butterflies are slow to appear this year. I look forward to posting pictures of them in my garden soon. P.

Larry said...

A very beautiful post... especially the poppy! The butterflies are gorgeous! Larry

Diane said...

I'm with your photographs. I have a litle sign in my garden that says 'Welcome all Bees and Butterflies'. Your bees made me think of that.

Janet said...

You've got a lot more butterflies than we have up north. I'm hoping for some warmer weather and a few more sightings when the buddleia comes into bloom. The photo of the scarlet tiger moth is so beautiful I haven't seen one before.

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