Saturday, 16 July 2011

Packwood House

A few weeks ago on a Sunday drenched in glorious sunshine, we set sail for Packwood House; a reasonable 45 minute journey from Hidcote. Packwood is just over the border from Gloucestershire in Warwickshire, and is probably most famous for its giant topiary. These were jolly impressive but the real splendour here is the borders and plants!

A stark entrance gate (potential for clematis ahoy!)

Clothed in rose glory

Nigella damascena mixing amiably with Geranium (‘Patricia’?)

Cephalaria gigantea

The Sunken Garden, a unique feature with a wealth of ‘hot’ plantings

Rose beds

Long border spilling over the wall

Long border detail, excellent use of Verbascum olympicum

The Yew Garden, topiary mayhem!


Larry said...

What a wonderful place! Thanks so much for sharing! Larry

Diane said...

Thanks for this post, Bertie. Lovely arbour and that long border is stunning. I'm particularily partial to long borders!

Great close-up shots, as well. Cheers!

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