Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Plant ident

One of the regular features of our trips to college are the plant identification tests, which take place each week of the fortnight blocks we spend up there. Twenty plants are presented to us on the Monday, then we have a few days to sort ourselves out before the test on Friday morning! Occasionally the plant list can be terribly dull, a recent 'houseplant' test immediately springs to mind, but generally there are quite a few good specimens on offer that you could easily be talked into planting yourself back home. During the last college block we had a real humdinger of an ident, focusing on roses and some herbaceous bits & bobs. Here are the best plants from that test;

Geranium Patricia 'Brempat'
Knautia macedonica
Phlomis russeliana
Rosa 'Charles Austin'
Rosa 'Compassion' - this has the heaviest scent I've smelt on a rose
Rosa 'Crimson Cascade'
Rosa 'Eyeopener' - this is a from of groundcover rose
Rosa 'Maigold' - favoured by bees!
Rosa 'Mary Rose'
Rosa 'Nostalgia'


Diane said...

Would I have received part marks on the test for just knowing that some of them were roses? LOL. You are just going to be so smart when you finish that course!

Lovely plants, all of them!

Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

Was it a scratch & sniff test?
At least you had a list of names to pick from.

Thanks for sharing G. 'Pat Brempat'. I will have to look that one up.

Janet said...

And how many did you get right, Bertie. Roses are not my strong point so I think it might have been "Nil points" for me on these ones!

Bertie Bainbridge said...

This ident was the same week as the RHS exam but I was able to rally round and piece together a respectable 84%. That’ll do me!

Diane - marks were awarded for listing ‘Rosa’ next to anything that was a rose so you might have got on okay!

Julie - Patricia is a real cracker!


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