Monday, 25 July 2011

Old Garden

The Old Garden is near to the manor house and comprises several large herbaceous borders, all of which are jammed to the gills with old-fashioned cottage garden style plants. There is a definite air of romance here, and an almost endless stream of interesting blooms!
Hibiscus syriacus 'Bluebird'

Sidalcea malviflora 'Sussex Beauty' - also seen in use at Wollerton

Clematis heracleifolia var. davidiana - another shrub clematis!
Red Admiral basking on Everlasting Sweet-pea

Papaver somniferum ‘Paeony Flowered’ - self-seeds like billy-o!

Rosa ‘Felicia’ mingling with Leucanthemum. This rose has been exciting a lot of comment recently on account if it’s magnificent scent!

Eremurus stenophyllus


Janet said...

Is there lots of eremurus or just the one? They are very fussy about location, soil etc. The white ones are on my wish list.

Helen O'Donnell said...

Loving those shrub clematis! Wondering now what species I have... Just put out its first bloom!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blue hibiscus Bertie!

Alice's Garden Travel Buzz said...

Do love seeing your header photo.

Takes me back to my visit, which was far too long ago.

I've a blue hibiscus .. new variety: 'Blue Chiffon'
it's quite frilly and a rich hue.

As for the Eremurus pictured, it's divine!

Bertie Bainbridge said...

Janet - we have a few Eremurus in this border of the Old Garden. We are on clay but this area has been improved with grit!


Chapman Family said...

It's especially interesting for me to see old-fashioned perennials, as that is the look I am trying to achieve in my garden.

Lovely shots, Bertie.

Diane said...

Hi Bertie,

That last post was from me, by the way, I didn't realize I was signed on with my family's private blog....just in case you were wondering why someone would leave a post and not leave a link that you could open!


Bertie Bainbridge said...

Aha, what ho Diane!

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