Monday, 30 May 2011

Eremurus robustus

The resplendent blades of the Foxtail Lily, flowering now in the Old Garden. The bulb of an Eremurus is a disturbing sight, and resembles perhaps a monster from the deep!

Man overboard!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing plant!Reminds me of one of the lost pirates on Davy Jone's boat the name of which escapes me now!

Michael said...

Wow! I do not know the FoxTail Lily, but it certainly has the potential to quickly become one of my favorites. This just on the rootball alone! Great blog and great posts. Looking forward to seeing what else you get up to at Hidcote!


Bertie Bainbridge said...

DD - Do you perhaps mean the Kraken?

Michael - Welcome along! I strongly recommend planting Foxtail Lily, if only to behold the sea monster it sprouts from!


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