Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ness Botanic Garden

One of the highlights of being at college is the garden visits, when each Thursday of the fortnight we’re there; we cast off in the old minibus in search of garden glory and inevitably, a decent slice of cake! During the last college block we visited Ness Botanic Gardens in Cheshire, overlooking the Dee Estuary. The garden started out as the home of a chap called Arthur Bulley, who went on to launch the career of plant collector George Forrest and through his company Bees Ltd, was the first to sell seeds to the masses with his ‘penny packets’. The garden is now run by the University of Liverpool and is a really rather charming place to while away a few hours. The plant collection is magnificent!

Poncirus trifolata

Phuopsis stylosa, giving off a delightfully unusual scent

These greedy devils are using both Wisteria and Laburnum in their arched walk

The startling blue of Meconopsis grandis

A honey bee, pondering

Cornus kousa

A young bumblebee in the clutches of Cercis silliquastrum
Like a shoal of tropical fish!


Pauline said...

Thanks for bringing back happy memories of times visiting Ness Gardens. Over 30 yrs ago we used to live on the Wirral and Ness was a favourite place to visit. Love the Meconopsis, my M.grandis isn't such a gorgeous blue unfortunately.

Diane said...

Great shots, Bernie. There can never be too much blue in a garden!

Have a great weekend.

Diane said...

Bertie, I mean! ;)

Elephant's Eye said...

That Meconopsis is magnificent, both the vivid colour and the frilled petals. Have you thought of entering the GGW photo contest?

Bertie Bainbridge said...

Diana where do I find this site please?


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