Monday, 11 April 2011

Plant House

Lawrence Johnston (Hidcote’s creator) built several structures around the garden to house and display those unfortunate weak-hearts from the plant kingdom, lacking in the necessary grit to survive our tough English climate. The best of these is the Plant House, which overlooks the Lily Pond and Pine Circle, and is heated throughout the winter months.

The beams overhead will eventually be covered with the climbers.

The Bays seen here are patiently waiting for Jack Frost to clear off, after which time they will be planted out in the Pine Circle.

The delicate blue flowers of Sollya heterophylla.

Hardenbergia violacea, a truly delightful climber that unfortunately finished flowering many weeks ago (winter flowering).


Bertie Bainbridge said...

Hmmm. The blasted thing is drifting to the right!

Helen O'Donnell said...

Not sure why your photos are drifting to the right? mmm.. But that Sollya is incredible!

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