Sunday, 24 April 2011


I have just completed the most glorious work experience placement at Sissinghurst in Kent! This was my first visit to the garden and the gods were with me; I honestly could not have asked for better weather, every day we were bathed in magnificent sunshine! It was a varied trip, as the head gardener seemed keen for me to sample a flavour of the daily life at Sissinghurst. Fortunately, the garden team is made up of a prize collection of good eggs, who were all quite willing to share their vast wealth of knowledge with me and answer my endless questions! Like Hidcote, the place is in itself utterly beautiful; the picturesque ruins of an old castle are surrounded by perfect English countryside for as far as the eye can see. This framework is then embellished with a resplendent garden, all billowing borders bursting on to the path and colourful climbers creeping up and over the old walls. The lawns and hedges are, of course, expertly maintained.
Hidcote remains my favourite garden but please, if you are ever anywhere near Kent, be certain to visit Sissinghurst Castle!

The Tower

Tower Lawn

Lime Walk

The Nuttery

The Cottage Garden

‘Hot’ planting scheme of the Cottage Garden

The wonderfully trimmed yews of the Rondel

The Moat

A passing hot air balloon

Beryl came along too for a pedal around glorious Kent

Speckled Wood butterfly


DD said...

What Ho Bertie! Beautiful gardens, what a lucky chap you are although no doubt there's a lot of hard work goes into those gardens. Will have to see if we can make a visit up to Sissinghurst it looks fabulous. Brilliant pics too.

Diane said...

Bertie! What a fantatic place you visited and your photos are great. I have no idea what Sissinghurst is and will check out the linked website.

Apparently I should have checked with you before planning my trip to England in 2008. You know where all the good gardens are! ;)

Jess said...

Apparently you have the best job on the planet. you lucky dog.

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